Saturday, 15 October 2011

Trixie Blümel brings cocktail magic to RIPE dinner

credit: Doug Shanks

Trixie Blümel is a true cocktail wizard. I know this for a fact because I've had the pleasure of trying many of her epic drinks. Whether it's a Ramos gin fizz, and old fashion, or something more exotic she's concocted out her encyclopedic knowledge of boozy ingredients, each of her creations is a careful study in precision and imagination. Trixie is bar manager at the super hip Chinatown brasserie, Bao Bei, and we're excited to add her mixology magic to the RIPE line-up tomorrow night. She's opted for something on the spicy side, one of her newer creations that's become a big hit at the restaurant...

The Jinzi

A ruby-red combo of Gin, Mangalore Indian-Spiced Liqueur, and Fernet Branca, mixed with Fresh Lemon Juice, Rose Ginger Water, and finished with a flourish of Lemon Oils.

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